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Digitally Steerable Line Array Loudspeaker Systems Since 2005 Renkus-Heinz have been leading the field in Digitally Steerable loudspeakers.

ICONYX has now been installed in thousands of project worldwide, from LAX International Airport in Los Angeles to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

It was in college that he actually started working on a CD, gathering a group of musicians, recording a demo tape and sending it to the only person he knew in Los Angeles, Bud Harner, who would get him his first record deal.

also known by her stage name Micaela Haley, and they live in Los Angeles, CA.

ICONYX R Series Digitally Controlled Column loudspeaker systems put the power of digital technology in your hands.

Powerful digital processing and patented algorithms enable you to tightly focus sound energy only where it's needed, and away from reflective surfaces.

As a boy, he would also make his own "songs" with various equipment until he saved enough money for a 14" color monitor and Macintosh IIci.

Back when most manufacturers were just starting to think about digitally steerable line arrays, ICONYX was already proving the theory.

You may be surprised at the amount of open-minded people that are out there, looking to have an adventure with you.

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CCM was founded by EAPE and Eastern University to fulfill Tony’s vision for Christian leadership development and church renewal.

It also honors his years of faithful service and contribution to the Kingdom of God, Evangelical Christianity and his alma mater, Eastern University.

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