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The sha256 hash of the server seed you are currently using is: Each time you roll, the server and client seeds are combined with the number of rolls you have made since the seeds were selected to create the roll.

Notice that you are shown the hash of the server seed picking your client seed.

User Button Walls seems to be the originator of the trend, according to a highly popular Reddit thread.

His speedrun seems slow in comparison to some recent accomplishments, but when he posted a video of him getting kicked from , a mobile-focused version of the browser-based massively multiplayer online game, will launch after its predecessor closes down.

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But players aren’t just jet-setting from igloo to igloo at record speed; they’re actively getting themselves banned as fast as possible.

PC Gamer first picked up on the trend, which has exploded in speedrunning communities over the course of the week.

The Banned from subreddit, which formed as a place for deviant players to share their funniest ban stories, is currently overloaded with videos from record-setting successful attempts at getting booted from the kid-friendly online multiplayer game.

You can take our word for it, but for the crypto-nerds out there, here are the gory details: When you click 'randomize' in the top right we make up a secret random string (the server seed) that is used to randomize the rolls.

You are shown the hash of the server seed, and are asked to supply your own random number (the client seed) to further randomize the rolls.

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