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You didn't get to pick if you wanted california health and wellness or anthem blue cross? My friend works and labor and delivery in the La County Hospital near Torrence I think. In the case if pregnancy when a mother is in the 3rd trimester they are allowed to keep seeing their current ob even if they are out if network. They keep switching insurance and I keep running into the same problem. I am filing a complaint so that I can have continued care with my previous OB. I moved across country (Florida to California) at 34 weeks pregnant and had a hell of a time finding an OB that would take me that far along!Not sure what LA care is as I'm in nor cal but there should be a clinic that can see you and accepts Medi Cal even like an urgent care. This is as long as the ob is willing to accept payment from the medicaid plan. Finally I was told to file a complaint with someone above medi cal. I'm just afraid I'm going to have the same problem. Let's just hope this doesn't take another month. I literally called 6 places and the last place I was crying so t HE lady told me doctors in the area that would take me. With medicaid plans you can ask for a care manager who will help you with continuations of care.

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There is paperwork involved but that is how we handle it here. They may say an out of network prior authorization is required first from your OB Yes. Switching but the propblem is within the medical group apparently they will not accept me due to how far along I am. I had to also switch primary care physician several times just to make sure I had the OB that said he would take me hat far along.

It's kind of a backward process but f you find an OB that will take you you can ask if they know if a PCP (primary care physician) that can you refer you to them. :/ I had kaiser and when I switched to medical everything just transferred over and I got to stay with kaiser but my fiancé applied for medi-cal recently and they gave him la care.

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