Players met list not updating

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I can't remember checking on the PS3 but it makes sense why it wouldn't update the Players Met list.I too got my phone ready for the end creds like I did on the PS3 but remembered in time that we don't need to on the PS4.Description: New players may get stuck with recurring error 0002001512 the first time they attempt matchmaking in Skirmish and Elimination game modes. Joining a group (someone else needs to be the grouper leader) to complete your first match has been reported to resolve this issue.

I learned this today when I got someone to rage quit. I've had issues too with the players met not working properly sometimes, I think it just has to do with Sony's servers. for example if u played someone in a match, and u want to text them, u gotta wait few min, or at least till u start a next round or exit the game and then put the game back in. I'd assume that if it was a system-level feature, every game would have players met.But seeing as there are a few that don't, it must be an opt-in thing for devs.You can now see your Recently Met players on PS4, to view other pilots you have encountered playing EVE: Valkyrie. It does seem pretty random which games support it and which don't.

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