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Adolf Hitler is known as the Nazi tyrant that brought the world to the brink of destruction.

My heart was aflutter, not from his hazel eyes but from all the hip swivelling and arm flailing I’d been doing.

Original Dating lock & key parties are one of the most fun ways to meet a large number of people in one night.

These are some of the largest dating events anywhere and our success has been built around them - if you want to meet people, lock & key parties are for you.

If your feet are too cold in sandals, wear actual shoes! This applies to men pulling their undies out the top of their jeans/trousers. until she confesses that it looks bloody worse than a buffalo's bum. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Nope, not at all!! Combining them with leggings is a another level of fashion pain!

Stupid big sunglasses, do you have any Idea that you look like a bug. Way over the top strappy sandals, especially the ones that go up your calves almost to the knee. She should be left, hanging there, to be mocked and have wet knickers (or lettuce) thrown at her ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hell no!! I have never, nor will ever, don a pair of those hideous plastic shoes.

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